07 March 2012

orchid watering trick

orchid watering trick

do you know the orchid watering trick?
it can turn any brown thumb into a green thumb.
it involves an ice cube.
and some indirect (sun)light.

orchid watering trick ice cube

once a week, place an ice cube at the base of the potted orchid.
if you have two in a pot or a particularly large orchid, use two ice cubes.
that's it.
don't water the orchid.
just place an ice cube at the base once a week.
of course, keep your orchid in indirect sun or other light.

orchid watering trick ice

this one is growing in a dark corner of our living room
with the help of a lamp.
happy orchid growing!
they are my house plant of choice.
(trader joe's has fantastic prices on orchids!)


Gwen said...

I need to remember this, as I am about to buy a few from TJs for our house :)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is genius. Thanks for sharing. I have a bit of green thumb with indoor plants. Maybe this will help.

Kathleen Lisson said...

I did not know this. What an excellent tip!

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